The success of the companies that integrate the Prodeco Group (C.I. Prodeco S.A., Carbones de La Jagua S.A., Consorcio Minero Unido S.A., Carbones El Tesoro S.A. and Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo S.A.) depends heavily on our employees to work with integrity and comply fully with regulations, legislation and our own policies and operating procedures. An ethical and law-abiding behavior and reflects our corporate values, help safeguard the reputation of the companies and protect them from financial and legal problems. If you have observed unethical behavior by any employee, please report!


The Prodeco Group has provided this website to enable raise concerns of a confidential and / or anonymous. This Raising Concerns Program (PAI), can be used to raise various issues of ethics, integrity and compliance. To submit a concern, you can remain anonymous or identify and provide information as to how companies can contact you directly if more details are required. In both cases, your information will be treated confidentially.


To submit a concern or to follow up an already presented, select one of the options located on the top left of this page. Your concern will be dealt with as quickly and confidentiality are given in good faith.


The Prodeco Group strives to operate with the utmost integrity and thank you for approach help protect our organization in the short and long term.